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Natural Fibers contribute to the persons' vital bodily energy. Wool and organic cotton are a couple of the great natural fibers known to man. It is ecological and readily renewable. Wool and cotton allows for airflow, breath ability and with woolens an added benefit of water repellency. Studies have shown that children thrive with the use of wool and organic cottons. The classic wool products we offer are used around the world for infants and older children alike. The cottons we offer are the finest our world has to offer. There are very few things softer and more comforting, and keep the wee ones cool in the summers and warm in the winters. Wools and organics low impact to the environment and practical qualities make it an ideal resource and is highly valued in the Waldorf and Nature inspired communities.

Our skin is the largest bodily organ. What we have on it affects our health and well being. Organic cotton is a fine and readily available resource for apparel and home accessories. Knowing that our families have only the purest of fibers near their skin provides a peace of mind in itself.

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